Charles and Shaunquis met in their first period gym class their senior year of high school. They shared a bond over wrestling and became best buds. Charles decided to buy a gift for Shaunquis for Christmas, and was urged by friends, family, and on social media to record Shaunquis reaction. The video went viral and they were both invited out to Philadelphia by the WWE to watch the Royal Rumble. They were also invited to Capitol One Arena by the Washington Wizards for a game and were able to meet all of the players including All-Stars John Wall and Bradley Beal. Seeing the difference this made across the world, Charles was inspired to keep it going and created Brother 2 Brother LLC. Brother 2 Brother is changing the agenda on special needs. Special as in they are special to me, they have and always will have a place in my heart. Needs, as in they need love, compassion and friends just like everyone else. We are offering mentor-ship programs and scholarships We are enhancing the healthy development of youth through mentor relationships, and providing a positive path on the way to completing their high school education. 

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